Lynch Syndrome : Molecular Mechanism and Current Clinical Practice

Naohiro Tomita

This book offers a comprehensive review of Lynch Syndrome (LS), addressing both the basic and clinical aspects of this condition.

Due to the recent advances in our understanding of the genetic mechanism of LS, and to new screening methods, including universal screening and/or multi-gene panel analysis, the standard treatment strategy for patients and family members of LS have been steadily improving. In this book, experts describe the disease’s manifestations, discuss state-of-the-art diagnosis and management options, and offer a cutting-edge overview of the genetic and epigenetic basis of the syndrome.

Providing essential insights into this new phase in the management of LS, this book is a valuable resource not only for colorectal surgeons, but also for general gastrointestinal clinicians, gynecologists, oncologists and all basic researchers with an interest in LS.


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