Liver Failure : Acute and Acute on Chronic

Nikolaos Pyrsopoulos

This book offers a comprehensive overview of liver failure including Epidemiology, mechanism of the disease, and its clinical manifestations. The diagnosis of numerous types of liver disease leading to liver failure; with specific emphasis on the current and future treatment modalities including up-to-date and extensive information on liver transplantation. It provides the most up-to-date information on liver failure for clinicians, practitioners including GPs, scientists/researchers, postgraduates and allied health professionals. It features an overview of the relevant classification and epidemiologic aspects of acute liver failure along with a thorough review of the mechanisms associated with acute liver failure and multisystemic involvement. Detailed guidance is also provided on the latest treatment techniques including those available for liver transplantation and potential future approaches, enabling the reader to develop a detailed understanding of the topic.

Liver Failure: Acute and Acute on Chronic provides a practically applicable guide to the epidemiology and management of liver failure. It features contributions from an outstanding panel of experts in hepatology, gastroenterology and surgery making it a vital up-to-date reference for trainee and practicing medical professionals in a variety of disciplines who encounter these patients.


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