Operational and Medical Management of Explosive and Blast Incidents

David W. Callaway, Jonathan L. Burstein

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the medical and operational management of blast and explosive incidents affecting civilian populations. It incorporates global lessons learned from first responders, emergency medicine providers, surgeons, intensivists, and military specialists with deep experience in handling blast injuries from point of injury through rehabilitation.
The book begins with background and introductory information on blast physics, explosion types, frequency, and perspectives from the military. This is followed by a section on prehospital management focusing on medical and trauma responses, triage, psychological consequences, and operational considerations. It then examines the roles of the emergency department and ICU with chapters on planning and training, surge capacity, resilience, management of common injury types, contamination, and ventilator strategies. The next section covers surgical treatment of a variety of blast injuries such as thoracoabdominal, extremity and vascular, and orthopedic injuries. The book then discusses medical treatment of various injury patterns including lung, abdominal, extremity, and traumatic brain injury. The final section of the book covers post-hospital considerations such as rehabilitation, mental health, and community resilience. Throughout, case studies of recent incidents provide real-life examples of operational and medical management.
Operational and Medical Management of Explosive and Blast Incidents is an essential resource for physicians and related professionals, residents, nurses, and medical students in emergency medicine, traumatic surgery, intensive care medicine, and public health as well as civilian and military EMS providers.


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