Addiction Medicine for Health Care Professionals

Robert D Lovinger


More people are being treated for substance abuse each year, creating a vital need for a practical, easy-to-use manual for addiction treatment providers. Addiction Medicine: An Introduction for Health Care Professionals, by Dr. Robert D. Lovinger, provides clear, authoritative guidance on current concepts of brain functions associated with substance abuse, early management and long-term treatment protocols, and effective psychiatric co-morbidity drug therapies with the goal to provide improved personalized treatments for patients suffering from addiction.

Discusses the physiological effects of substance abuse on the brain and body.
Summarizes current and successful addiction management protocols.
Examines applications and recommended drug treatments for patients susceptible to long-term relapse.
Covers smoking cessation and common substance abuse-linked sexually transmitted diseases.
Consolidates today’s available information and guidance into a single, convenient resource.


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