Structure-Function Relationships in Various Respiratory Systems : Connecting to the Next Generation

Kazuhiro Yamaguchi

This book elucidates the morphological backgrounds of various functional parameters of the human respiratory system, including the respiratory control system, dynamics of the upper and lower airways, gas transport and mixing in the lower airways, gas exchange in the acinus, and gas transfer through the alveolar wall. Presenting the latest findings on the interrelationships between morphology and physiology in the respiratory system, the book’s goal is to provide a foundation for further exploring structure-function relationships in various respiratory systems, and to improve both the quality of basic science, and that of clinical medicine targeting the human respiratory system.
Edited and written by internationally recognized experts, Structure-Function Relationships in Various Respiratory Systems offers a valuable asset for all physicians and researchers engaging in clinical, physiological, or morphological work in the field of respiration. Moreover, it provides a practical guide for physicians, helping them make more precise pathophysiological decisions concerning patients with various types of lung disease, and will be of interest to respiratory physiologists and respiratory morphologists.


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