Rheumatic Disease in Geriatrics : Diagnosis and Management

Gleb Slobodin, Yehuda Shoenfeld

This book provides a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of rheumatic disease in geriatric patients. It details information on the effect of ageing on musculoskeletal and immune systems and specifies impact of a variety of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic disorders on the elderly. The clinical diagnostic approach to an older individual with musculoskeletal complaints is a cornerstone of this book, which includes also insights into the most important comorbidities for this age and discusses in depth available treatments and rehabilitation tools. The symptoms, imaging features and recommendations on the interpretation of specific laboratory tests for rheumatic diseases in geriatrics are also covered. This book encompasses traditionally associated with older age conditions including temporal arteritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, osteoarthritis, as well as common systemic autoimmune diseases that can produce atypical manifestations in the elderly. It will enable the readers to develop a thorough understanding of how to deal with these patients in their clinical practice.

Rheumatic Disease in Geriatrics: Diagnosis and Management systematically describes how to diagnose and treat geriatric patients with a variety of rheumatic conditions and is a valuable resource for all medical professionals involved.


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