Passport to Successful ICU Discharge

Carole Boulanger, David Mcwilliams

This book provides a holistic and multi professional approach to maximising the chances of a successful recovery for the ICU patient surviving a period of critical illness. An admission to ICU with a critical illness has a well-recognised physical, psychological and social impact all on the individual and their loved ones of which need to remain in sharp focus from admission. Successful discharge from ICU requires significant attention to detail on all aspects of care concurrently to ensure a return to the best quality of life achievable. Early focus on structured rehabilitation and avoidance /prevention of ICU related complications are identified as paramount to improve both short and long term outcomes. This attention to detail needs to continue through the transition to the ward and planning discharge home. ‘Passport to a successful ICU discharge’ explores key areas to look forward to a successful recovery beginning with admission through to discharge in a holistic way. A Passport to discharge covers some key aspects to be achieved to the highest standards to create the best environment for success. A focus on promoting the best quality of life for the individual by careful attention to detail to benchmark every stage of their ICU journey which begins with admission. Chapters written by multidisciplinary ICU team members provide expert guidance and an evidence based approach to improve outcomes and return patients to their families.


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