Transdiagnostic Multiplex CBT for Muslim Cultural Groups : Treating Emotional Disorders

Devon E. Hinton, Baland Jalal

With an increasing number of Muslims living in the West, and studies suggesting that mental illness may be more prevalent and chronic amongst Muslim cultural groups, there is a pressing need for appropriate treatment options. This book provides mental health professionals with a practical guide to delivering culturally adapted therapy to Muslim immigrants, refugees, and those with a Muslim religious or cultural background. It takes into account the religious, spiritual, social and cultural dimensions of individuals, framing elements such as mindfulness, emotion regulation and sleep problems within well-known Islamic terms and concepts. The book covers issues such as prominent somatic symptoms, multiple comorbidities, low education, ongoing life difficulties and mental health stigma. As Multiplex Therapy is transdiagnostic, targeting anxiety and mood disorders, the treatment is applicable to a large proportion of patients. Each chapter guides the reader through therapy sessions, giving clinicians an invaluable everyday manual for delivering treatment.


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