Surviving Prescribing : A Practical Guide

Hugh Montgomery, Robert Shulman, Mayur Murali

Safe and effective prescribing is one of the pillars of medical practice but is much more complicated than it seems. Many new prescribers find prescribing extremely challenging, and a plethora of independent, multidisciplinary prescribers are also seeking guidance. However, pharmacology textbooks are rarely practical. They warn to ‘take care when prescribing erythromycin to a patient on warfarin, as the INR may rise’. But what should the prescriber actually do? Surviving Prescribing fulfils an important need by offering practical advice for real-world prescribing problems. The book complements existing educational resources but adds a new perspective. Written by experienced contributors from a variety of professional backgrounds, the content speaks directly to the problems routinely seen in hospital prescribing. And all in one, pocket-sized volume. Whether revising for the national Prescribing Safety Assessment, preparing for starting on the wards, or looking for a quick reference guide, this book is an essential companion.


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