Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy : From Classroom to Clinic

Margaret M. Plack, Maryanne Driscoll

Have you ever been faced with an instructional challenge such as…

Teaching students about professionalism just before an anatomy midterm or presenting a mandatory in-service to clinicians at the end of a busy summer Friday?

Having your education to patients or community members fall flat? How can you grab your learners’ attention, maintain it, and be sure they learned what you wanted them to learn?

Teaching and learning are skills, and like other physical therapy skills, they must be learned and perfected. Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy: From Classroom to Clinic offers a systematic approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating effective teaching-learning experiences.

Each chapter begins with Objectives that clearly delineate what you will be prepared to do after completing the chapter and concludes with a Summary of the major concepts presented. Stop and Reflect sections allow you to actively engage with the content as you process the information and move through the chapters. Critical Thinking Clinical Scenarios provide multiple opportunities for you to apply and adapt key concepts to real world situations. Finally, concepts are reinforced through frequent Key Points to Remember sections.

Drs. Margaret Plack and Maryanne Driscoll have over 35 years of experience in teaching, research, and clinical practice. Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy is grounded in current literature and has a theoretical basis in reflective practice, active learning strategies, and brain compatible instruction. Also included in this text are practical strategies that allow students, educators, and clinicians, working with both students and patients, to enhance their critical thinking and clinical decision-making processes in a variety of settings and situations.

Features included:

A user-friendly approach integrating theory and practical application throughout
References at the end of each chapter
Classroom and clinical vignettes to reinforce concepts
Integrative problem-solving activities and reflective questions
Ancillary instructors’ material for faculty members

In physical therapy, teaching and learning are lifelong processes. Whether you are a student, clinician, first time presenter, or experienced faculty member, you will find this text useful for enhancing your skills both as a learner and as an educator in physical therapy.

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