Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine : A Comprehensive Study Guide, 8th Edition

Judith E. Tintinalli; J. Stephan Stapczynski; O. John Ma; Donald Yealy

The most widely used and highly regarded textbook and reference of emergency medicine — Endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians

The 8th edition of Tintinalli s Emergency Medicine provides the depth and breadth of coverage that reflects the complexity and expertise needed to practice emergency medicine successfully in today s fast paced environments. It is an important contemporary clinical emergency care resource for physicians, NPs, and PAs who practice emergency medicine and for emergency medicine and pediatric emergency medicine fellows. It remains the preferred study guide for in-training and board examinations and recertification.
NEW to this edition:
Full-color design with more tables than ever to succinctly present key information
Extensive updates to all sections, incorporating the latest guidelines, evidence-based protocols, and relevant research
Expanded pediatric section, with complete clinical information for general and pediatric emergency physicians
Expanded coverage of common emergency department procedures, with improved illustrations
Online access to more than30 videos, covering a wide range of procedural and diagnostic topics and focusing on the latest ultrasound-guided techniques
From the reviews of the seventh edition:
“Collectively, they have once again produced an excellent text that manages to cover the broad scope of emergency medicine while remaining an easily readable and practical resource….Last, for the inevitable comparison of this current edition of Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine with other available emergency medicine textbooks available: in my opinion, Tintinalli s still comes out on top. It is more concise and easier to read than some, yet it covers the breadth of emergency medicine practice more comprehensively than others .Just as previous editions did, the seventh presents all of the most pertinent and up-to-date information in a well-organized format that is comprehensive yet easy to read. That and many of the attractive new features in this current edition will ensure its place on my bookshelf for years to come.” JAMA


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