The Complete MD/PhD Applicant Guide : How to Become a Double Doctor

Jonathan Sussman, Jordan Setayesh, Amitej Venapally

This book is a student reference guide book for the MD/PhD application process. It begins with an overview of the structure of a typical MD/PhD program as well as student outcomes and career choices of MD/PhD graduates. Next is an outline of the academic and extracurricular prerequisites as well as the basic components of the application itself. The authors then address the factors that MD/PhD students should consider when selecting schools to which to apply. Continuing to the main application, examples are provided of all the different essay types that MD/PhD applicants will encounter along with comments on how to address the deliberately vague and abstract prompts while tailoring the responses to the combined-degree program. Most uniquely, included is a very detailed explanation of the many types of interviews that applicants will encounter and how to prepare for them by integrating extensive personal experience and first-hand discussions with MD/PhD program leaders. Lastly, there will be a discussion on how to cope with the year-long timeline that constitutes this application process and provide guidance regarding properly responding to acceptances and waitlist offers.
Written by a team of authors each experienced with the MD/PhD application, this book aids the prospective applicant with navigating this challenging process.


Note: Only Internal Medicine member can download this ebook. Learn more here!

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