The Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment for New Coronavirus Pneumonia

Fanjun Cheng, Yu Zhang

This book is a practical manual for anti-COVID-19. It is not only with the reference to the result of modern medical science, patients’ situation, but also take the deployment of medical resources into consideration. Content of this manual includes: Medical administration under emergent circumstances, protection and control of hospital infection, clinical practice guidance for diagnosis and therapy, the application of radiation for the examination, laboratory diagnosis, inhabitation of inflammatory cytokines crisis, plasma of patient in the recovery stage, and traditional Chinese medical science etcetera.
Authors are from Union hospital, Tongji medical college in Wuhan city, who has first-hand experiences. This book is a collection and fusion of such experiences in fighting against epidemic infectious disease. It is a timely book for doctors who are fighting against COVID-19.


Note: Only Internal Medicine member can download this ebook. Learn more here!

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