The Burden of Adult ADHD in Comorbid Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders

Stefano Pallanti, Luana Salerno

This book highlights the importance of investigating for ADHD in adults with attention difficulties, poor memory and executive function impairments. The authors advocate a neurodevelopmental assessment approach in all phases of life, and explain how to perform such assessments. The identification of ADHD in adults with other psychiatric and neurological disorders will lead to a better response to treatments, and as a result reduce its social, economic and personal burden.

ADHD can no longer be considered solely a pediatric condition, as it occurs in a significant proportion of adults worldwide. However, ADHD in adults is often unrecognized and untreated. Diagnosing the disorder in adulthood is a challenge, due not only to the different clinical presentation in this phase of life, but also to the fact that other conditions may mask the symptoms. ADHD constitutes a hidden comorbidity with a detrimental impact of those affected, and a poor response (or even non-response) to several treatments.

Intended for psychiatrists, neurologists, specialists in gerontology and neuropsychology, this book is an indispensable resource for all mental health practitioners who want to optimize the treatment of patients affected by psychiatric and neurological disorders who respond poorly to standard treatments.


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