Nutritional Anemia : Scientific Principles, Clinical Practice, and Public Health

Robert T. Means Jr

This major new comprehensive guide focuses on particular topics in the field of nutritional anemias, with in-depth coverage on each relevant nutrient whose deficiency can cause anemia, their metabolism, dietary requirements and related information. This book presents the unique hematological, and non-hematological, manifestations of each deficiency, the varied settings and causes of deficiency, interactions with other problems, diagnostic approaches and tools, synthesizing the perspectives of epidemiology, public health, and clinical hematology. Covering approaches to medical management in individuals, as well as in susceptible populations such as children, pregnant women and the elderly; and preventive strategies, such as supplementation and fortification, this exceptional text will appeal to a wide audience, from the clinician learning about the epidemiology and public health aspects of food fortification, to the public health practitioner who needs to understand clinical approaches to key nutritional anemia issues.


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