Principles of Manual Medicine for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction : Arthrokinematic Approach-Hakata Method

Shigehiko Katada

This book introduces physicians and physiotherapists around the world to the principles and techniques of the Arthrokinematic Approach (AKA)-Hakata method, which is currently being used to treat joint dysfunction, in particular sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Although manual medicine is not popular among young orthopaedic surgeons, it offers a number of benefits with regard to treating functional disorders. Further, the AKA-Hakata method is quite different from conventional manual techniques, as it takes into consideration articular neurology aspects, can prevent many patients from developing severe conditions, and can help avoid unnecessary sacroiliac joint surgery.

The authors have extensive experience in this field and especially with this unique manual technique. As such, Principles of Manual Medicine for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction offers a valuable guide for physicians and physiotherapists alike, helping them achieve optimal outcomes in the treatment of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.


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