Endoscopic Management of Colorectal T1(SM) Carcinoma

Shinji Tanaka, Yusuke Saitoh

This book provides the latest information on diagnosis and treatment strategies for colorectal T1(SM) carcinoma including endoscopic resection, and pathologic diagnosis and treatment following resection. Due to constant advances, the curative phase after the endoscopic resection of carcinomas has extended, shifting the endpoints of diagnosis and treatment strategies. This book thoroughly summarizes the latest findings, explained with the help of abundant color figures, and will serve as a basis for further discussions and advances in this field.

Endoscopic Management of Colorectal T1(SM) Carcinoma offers a valuable resource for colonoscopists, colorectal surgeons, and pathologists at all levels. The readers will discover diverse perspectives, provided by the contributing authors, and extensive discussions that are analyzed from Asian perspectives, which often differ from those found in Western texts.


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