Enabling People with Dementia: Understanding and Implementing Person-Centred Care

Pat Hobson

This new updated edition challenges the perceptions, beliefs and attitudes of professionals working in dementia care settings by drawing on the theory of person-centred care. It demonstrates the importance of this theory for interacting with and caring for people with dementia. It also provides an overview of the theory in relation to two other well-known theories on dementia, and stresses the need to consider the world from the perspective of people with dementia.

Moreover, the book examines the importance of dementia care environments, positive interactions, meaningful activities and the concept of personhood, which are all essential to improving the health and wellbeing of people living with dementia. In closing, it underscores the need to remember that the focus of care should be on maximizing the person’s abilities, enabling them, and promoting person-centred care.

Given its content and style, the book offers a resource that can be read and understood by health and social care professionals alike, as well as anyone else caring for someone with dementia, including family members and carers.


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