USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Triage : A Guide to Honing Clinical Skills

Kevin Schwechten
>USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Triage is the indispensable preparation book for the Step 2 Clinical Skills exam, presenting 40 high-yield patient-encounter cases that simulate the examination experience. Cases are organized for straightforward learning: a sample dialogue that mimics actual doctor-patient communication is followed by guidelines on performing the physical exam, ending the case, writing the patient note, and outlining the differential diagnosis. Comprehensive yet succinct, the cases address almost all possible exam scenarios, including telephone cases and “difficult patient” encounters. Each case contains detailed and relevant information on presenting complaints and conditions, with pertinent points highlighted and boxed for easy review. Written by the author of the popular USMLE Step 3 Triage, this book is optimal for either individual or group study and for any student interested in reviewing how to practice applying medical knowledge and patient-centered skills. Features Simulates actual examination scenarios with sample patient encounters. Covers the most common and important symptoms and diagnoses through 40 high-yield cases. Emphasizes important points in each case for efficient learning. Images and tables facilitate review and reinforce didactic points.



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